crank1 [kraŋk]
[ME < OE cranc-, as in crancstæf, yarn comb, CRINGE, CRINKLE: basic sense “something twisted”: for IE base see CRADLE]
1. a handle or arm bent at right angles and connected to a shaft of a machine, used to transmit motion or to change rotary motion into reciprocating motion, or vice versa
2. Informal
a) a person who has odd, stubborn notions about something; eccentric
b) an irritable, complaining person; cranky person
3. Archaic a bend or turn
4. Rare
a) a fanciful or unusual turn of speech or thought; conceit
b) a queer or fantastic action or idea; whim; caprice
1. to form into the shape of a crank
2. to start or operate by means of a crank
3. Rare to provide with a crank
1. to turn a crank, as in starting an engine or operating a device
2. Obs. to wind and twist; zigzag
☆ crank out
Informal to produce at a steady and prolific rate: used to suggest automatic or machinelike production [an author who cranks out bestsellers]
crank up Informal
1. to get started
2. to increase, esp. to a high level, the loudness, speed, etc. of [to crank up the volume on a stereo]
crank2 [kraŋk]
[earlier crank sided < Du or Fris krengd, laid over (< krengan, to push over, lit., make cringe; akin to CRINGE): assimilated in form to CRANK1]
1. Naut. CRANKY (sense 5)
2. loose and shaky: said of machinery
crank3 [kraŋk]
[LME cranke < ?]
1. Now Dial. high-spirited; lively
2. cocky

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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